Samshield Shadowmatt cap with Swarovski Fabric top

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Shadowmatt cap with rose gold Swarovski fabric top, rose gold trim and blazon + 255 Swarovski Crystals

The exterior of the Samshield Shadowmatt helmet is made of polycarbonate, a material that is used for high-end motorcycle helmets, among other things. The helmet is covered with a matte anti-scratch paint layer. The inner shell is made of variable density polystyrene that provides better dissipation of energy produced in a collision. The top is covered with Swarovski Fabric, this fabric gives the cap a beautiful shine! A real eye catcher.

  • The Shadowmatt is available with the dressage chin strap option: this option allows women to wear their hair in a bun without being limited by the helmet harness. This chin strap is 2.5 cm shorter for more room for the hair bun.

Samshield has a unique size system with 3 sizes of caps and different sizes of linings, so you can later adjust the size of the cap with a different size of inner lining! So you do not have to buy an expensive new cap if you need a size smaller or larger later.

  • Helmet size S is suitable for a liner / inner lining from size 52 to 56
  • Helmet size M is suitable for a liner / inner lining from size 55 to 58
  • Helmet size L is suitable for a liner / inner lining from size 57 to 61

Pay attention:

Sizes 55 and 56 are available for both an S scale and an M scale.
Sizes 57 and 58 are available for both an M scale and an L scale.

  • The stock of the Samshield caps varies. When ordering a Samshield cap, it is best to assume 1-3 weeks delivery time , we have the cap in stock, it will of course be sent immediately.
  • For the current stock, you can of course contact us or visit our showroom.
  • No shipping costs within the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany.
  • Comes with cap cover