Samshield Premium riding helmet Flower Swarovski [CLONE]

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Stunning Samshield Premium riding helmet with Flower Swarovski. This helmet comes with FREE liner and Free Samshield Premium bag.

The outer shell of the helmet is made of polycarbonate, which is a material used, among other things, for high-end motorcycle helmets. It is equipped with original Alcantara®.

The inner shell is made of polystyrene with variable density providing a better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact.

The internal comfort foam, “shape memory”-kind, ensuring a constant thickness over the years of use and the semi-rigid jugular cancel all risks of tipping the helmet in case of a violent movement. This internal comfort foam is removable thanks to a much stronger clip system than the scratch/Velcro system.

It can therefore be washed at will in order to constantly be able to wear a clean and fragrant helmet.

A thorough anthropomorphic study led to design an inner-shell form generating an unmatched comfort.

3 shell sizes are available (S, M, L).

Each shell can accommodate 5 to 6 inner foams of different sizes in order to obtain a perfect adjustment to the rider’s head.
The size grid is available from 52 to 61.

With this system, it is also possible to follow the growth of a young rider.

Equipped with two front air inlets, the Premium helmet provides exceptional ventilation.

Fresh air is channeled from both the front entrance under the blazon as well as the channel obtained by the unique concept of no contact on the rider’s forehead.
Fresh air expels the hot air to the back extractors around comfort foam, making impossible sweating!

This concept generates a strong internal airflow avoiding the need for visible and unsightly air inlets: the equestrian elegance is retained without banishing technicality and comfort.

  • The Premium is available with the dressage chin strap option: this option allows women to wear their hair in a bun without being constrained by the harness of the helmet. This chin strap is shorter by 2.5 cm in order to allow more room for the hair bun.

The Samshield sizes system consists of 3 different scales, which are suitable for the various lining sizes. Please find below which lining sizes match with the different Samshield scales.

  • Samshield cap scale S is suitable for a Size 52 to 56 liner
  • Samshield cap scale M is suitable for a Size 55 to 58 liner
  • Samshield cap scale L is suitable for a Size 57 to 61 liner

Please note:

  • Size 55 and 56 are available for both a S scale and a M scale.
  • Size 57 and 58 are available for both a M scale and a L scale.

Samshield sizes

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