Samshield cap Miss Shield Premium + Sparkle Swarovski + 5 swarovski

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Beautiful, safe cap from Samshield. The new Miss Shield cap.

The exterior of the Samshield Premium helmet is made of polycarbonate, a material that is used for high-end motorcycle helmets, among other things. The helmet is covered with an alcantara layer. The inner shell is made of variable density polystyrene that ensures better drainage of the energy produced in the event of a collision.

The Premium helmet is available with the dressage chin strap option: this option allows women to wear their hair in a bun without being limited by the helmet's armor. This chin strap is 2.5 cm shorter for more room for the hair bun.

Samshield has a unique size system with 3 sizes of caps and different sizes of linings, so you can later adjust the size of the cap with a different size of inner lining! So you do not have to buy an expensive new cap if you later need a size smaller or larger.

  • Helmet size S is suitable for a liner / inner lining from size 52 to 56
  • Helmet size M is suitable for a liner / inner lining from size 55 up to and including 58
  • Helmet size L is suitable for a liner / inner lining from size 57 up to and including 61

Pay attention:

Sizes 55 and 56 are available for both an S scale and an M scale.
Sizes 57 and 58 are available for both an M scale and an L scale.

  • Pay attention! Not all caps are constantly in stock, so keep in mind a delivery time of 1-3 weeks. Do you want to know the current stock before you place your order? Then contact us without obligation.

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