23 November Black Friday => Sale & Extra shopping evening @Horse Boutique & Frontriemdesign

by Leslie Mulder

November 23 Black Friday!

This day we are open extra long (10.00 - 21.00) Mega Sale! During this day we have many mega promotions and nice Give Aways that are raffled among the purchases made this day!

We have Sale online and in store!

  • Gifts are packed festive.
  • Shopping while enjoying a snack and a drink
  • Tailored advice
  • Discounts and cool give away promotions

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Give Away action!

Will you shop during Black Friday? Then you can win 1 of the 2 FREE Aquatrainings that we may give away!

How does it work; Leave a copy of your purchase receipt with your e-mail address in the pot on the counter, from this we will draw two winners in the evening after closing the store!

More information about SVN Aquatraining? Take a look at the SVN Aquatraining Facebook page: https: //www.facebook.com/SVN-A ...