NEW Fair Play competition collection spring / summer 2019!

by Leslie Mulder

Available from Horse Boutique this week! The beautiful new Fair Play competition collection 2019.
Order your favorite items now and be sure of your order => https: // ...

How do you keep your PS or Sweden & Frontriemdesign browband as beautiful as possible?

by Leslie Mulder
  • Handle with appropriate economy
  • Neatly hanging away in a dry environment
  • It is an "ornament for a horse, treat the browband as an ornament." With normal neat use you have the longest pleasure of your browband
  • Check regularly if all the claws of the cups are still neatly closed, if something rises up then you can push them back so that they close nicely around the stone.
  • Take care that the horse does not rub with a browband, here they can not stand this not under warranty.
  • Extreme heat or cold can damage the browband, try to avoid this. When you have finished driving, make sure that the browband is kept / hung away in a dry environment at all times.
  • Falling stones are not covered under warranty, where possible we always repair free of charge.
  • The frontbelts can only withstand rain for a long time but they can not stand it. Always dry your browband after it has been wet to extend its life.

- Handle with care
- The browbands are glued and sewed for best sustainability
- The browbands need to be handled with care and lasts when cared for - All browsbands are quality tested before sent out
- Always check that the claws are closed
- Loose stones = NOT approved return
- Do not let the horse scratch its head with the browband, it can be damaged = NOT approved return
- Avoid extreme heat / cold to extend the life
- Avoiding the browband from being able to extend the life lenght
- Store your browband in a dry place when not riding

NEW Equestrian Stockholm Spring / Summer collection 2019

by Leslie Mulder

Out Now! The new Spring / Summer collection from Equestrian Stockholm. Online and available in our showroom!

Online shopping => https: // ...

Expected this week! LeMieux Loire collection in four beautiful colors

by Leslie Mulder

This week finally arrives the first delivery LeMieux Loire collection! Are you as curious as us?
Order in advance? You can do that here: https: // ...

Stand HorseBoutique @Faderpaard 2019! (10, 11 and 12 January)

by Leslie Mulder
We are present with a big stand during Fader Horse 2019! The whole store is going, therefore the showroom will be closed these days! Are you going to this event and do you want to pick up an order in the stand then this is obviously possible. For this you can send an email:

  • We bring a very extensive collection, you want to be sure of a certain article mail us to reserve it.

23 November Black Friday => Sale & Extra shopping evening @Horse Boutique & Frontriemdesign

by Leslie Mulder

November 23 Black Friday!

This day we are open extra long (10.00 - 21.00) Mega Sale! During this day we have many mega promotions and nice Give Aways that are raffled among the purchases made this day!

We have Sale online and in store!

  • Gifts are packed festive.
  • Shopping while enjoying a snack and a drink
  • Tailored advice
  • Discounts and cool give away promotions
Kibbelgaarn 8
9644 XP Veendam

Give Away action!

Will you shop during Black Friday? Then you can win 1 of the 2 FREE Aquatrainings that we may give away!

How does it work; Leave a copy of your purchase receipt with your e-mail address in the pot on the counter, from this we will draw two winners in the evening after closing the store!

More information about SVN Aquatraining? Take a look at the SVN Aquatraining Facebook page: https: // ...

BrowbandDesign in the Beaumonde!

by Leslie Mulder

What an honor! Just spotted our frontiem with a nice message in the Beaumonde!


NEW pay in 12 installments with SprayPay

by Leslie Mulder

New at Horse Boutique, your order can now also be paid with SprayPay!

With SprayPay you pay your order from € 250 to € 2500 in 12 installments! If a purchase just does not matter then this can certainly offer a solution. At SprayPay you know immediately whether you are eligible or not. SprayPay asks you a number of questions about your financial situation. The combination of your answers and a review at, among other things, the BKR determine whether it is justified to start paying in installments.

SprayPay has obtained permission from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) under the license number 12045002 to grant credits. They are the first service provider to make staggered payments without the need for documents and long request times. SprayPay is the trade name of Webfin Loans BV. As a young, independent Dutch payment method we are part of Webfin Holding BV. For more information we refer you to SprayPay

SprayPay: How does it work?

Online shopping Choose the item you want in the webshop

Pay in installments Go to SprayPay - Spread Payments on the payment page

SprayPay Process step 3

Checkout SprayPay pays for the article after which you pay us back in installments

Refund After 30 days we collect the first monthly amount by direct debit

Payments completed All installments pay and there is no amount left open? Support a good cause !

Soon available at Horse Boutique, Equestrian Stockholm!

by Leslie Mulder

It is certain! We will soon have Equestrian Stockholm in our assortment, are you already familiar with this cool brand with the most beautiful items for rider and horse? Are you crazy about sets? Then this brand is definitely for you, everything matches with each other from breeches and jacket to saddle pad, bandages and earrings.

Keep an eye on our site for updates regarding this cool brand!

Equestrian Stockholm

New in Fair Play Fall / Winter collection 2018/2019

by Leslie Mulder

New inside, the Fair Play Fall / Winter collection 2018/2019! A beautiful, affordable collection with the main colors Navy, Bordeaux and Gray. Lovely coats, cardigans and sweaters, winter leggings, but also very cool hats, shawls and natural headbands are part of this collection. You can match everything with each other to a cool set, of course the horse has been thought of. For this a matching matching collection will soon be released.

Curious about this gift collection? With the link below you end up with everything from the Fair Play brand.

https: // ...

NEW @Horse Boutique, WeatherBeeta!

by Leslie Mulder

From today you can shop the WeatherBeeta collection in our store and online!

These blankets, which are delivered with three years! Guarantee of top quality and have a high wearing comfort. The blankets come in almost all price ranges. Are you looking for a new blanket for your topper? Then we definitely recommend WeatherBeeta, come along in our showroom for customized advice or take a look at our online shop with this cool brand.

WeatherBeeta | Horse Boutique

Shortly! PS of Sweden winter collection 2018/2019

by Leslie Mulder

Soon the beautiful PS of Sweden fall / winter collection will come to us. This clothing line fully matches the beautiful saddle pads which are already available from stock.

Ps of Sweden | Horse Boutique

PS of Sweden | Horse Boutique

PS of Sweden | Horse Boutique


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