23 November Black Friday => Sale & Extra shopping evening @Horse Boutique & Frontriemdesign

by Alex Berkenbosch

November 23 Black Friday!

This day we are open extra long (10 am - 9 pm) Mega Sale! during this day we have many mega promotions and nice Give Aways that are raffled among the purchases that are made this day!

We have Sale online and in store!

  • Gifts are wrapped in a festive way.
  • Shopping while enjoying a snack and drink
  • Tailored advice
  • Discounts and cool give away promotions

Kibbelgaarn 8
9644 XP Veendam

Give Away promotion!

Will you come shopping during Black Friday? Then you have a chance to win 1 of the 2 FREE Aqua training sessions that we can give away!

How does it work; Leave a copy of your purchase receipt with your e-mail address in the jar on the counter, from which we will draw two winners after closing the store in the evening!

More information about SVN Aquatraining? Take a look at the SVN Aquatraining Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SVN-A ...