Lemieux Close Contact saddle cover Lavender jump

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Lemieux Saddle Cover Close Contact Suede

Perfectly finished and timeless close contact saddle cover. Specially designed for intensive use, without falling short in design!

This saddle cover has a few technical features, which makes it a real star. For example the D-ring loops, the saddle loops are not attached to the webbing but to the D-rings at the front of the saddle, this ensures a better location so that the saddle cover stays perfectly. In addition, the cover is extra reinforced at the single place, which prevents wear and tear. The saddle cover is also super anatomically shaped "gooseneck design" so that the cover does not press on the withers and also does not fall down while driving and still presses on the withers.

In short: the perfect saddle cover for both daily training but also for competitions!

* Flannel inside
* Double velcro closure at the girth
* Saddle loops that are attached to the D-ring (not to the girth punches)
* Gooseneck design for extra space in the tack room
* Extra reinforcement at the girth to prevent wear
* Suede look outside

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