Kentucky tendon boots Air wool brown

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The Air Wool Tendon Boots consist of a strong sleeve made of light but strong TPU material that aims to protect against impact, while the tendon area is reinforced with D3O shock absorbing molecules * for ultimate protection . The area of the leg protector located around the tendon contains ventilation holes to prevent overheating of the legs and tendons.

Our artificial wool lining is attached to a knitted base that is highly breathable and breathable and is then laminated on a suede fabric that is also highly breathable and breathable. This material together with the ventilation holes ensure that this tendon protector is very breathable and overheating of the tendons is prevented.

The tendon protector is cut higher than the traditional tendon protector to offer total freedom of movement around the calf area while jumping. During designing, attention was also paid to guaranteeing optimum freedom and comfort of the leg so that the knee can bend without any hindrance. The tendon boots are open at the front. The simple Velcro closure makes it very easy to close this leg protector and adjust it to the size of the leg.

  • These tendon boots are washable in the washing machine at 30 ° (no dryer). Use the Kentucky Horsewear Boots Cleaner to make the tendon boots shine like new!

  • D3O shock absorbing molecules: In the free state, D3O is a liquid, but when a sudden stroke is hit the liquid hardens immediately. The energy of the stroke is thereby absorbed and dispersed before the material returns to its original liquid state.