Kentucky Transport halter wool / natural fur

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The Kentucky Horsewear halter with artificial wool is an extremely soft and comfortable halter that is mainly used during the transport of the horses. The halter itself is made of very strong nylon and is covered with our synthetic wool which ensures that this halter is extremely light. The artificial wool is attached to the nylon. Because this halter is so light the pressure on the head is minimized which makes it the most efficient halter for long journeys.

The artificial wool (100% animal-friendly) covers every cm, including the buckles, which means that the horse can in no way be injured by the halter.

The size can be adjusted on both sides. Easy to open due to the carabiner on the jaw. This halter is machine washable at 30 °, no dryer.

- Strong nylon halter covered with artificial wool (100% animal friendly)
- Light and extremely comfortable
- Nylon and buckles are covered with synthetic wool to prevent injuries
- Use for transport or for sensitive horses
- Adjustable buckles on both sides of the head for a perfect fit
- Easy to open and close thanks to the carabiner on the jaw
- Machine washable at 30 °, no dryer

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